Aroma Sink Scents 2 oz
Freshen your drain, clean your sink, and scent the room all at once with our wonderful aroma sink scents! Fill your sink half way with very hot water and sprinkle 1 to 2 tablespoons of the mixture into the water and let the scent fill the room! When the water is cool, drain the sink and the mixture will help clean your sink and deodorize your drains! Available in many wonderful scents!
$ 3.00

Scent Choice

Room Spray 4oz
Our room spray is created using our own recipe. It is very strong, perfect any time you need instant scent, and available in all of our wonderful scents! Shake well before using.
$ 7.50

Scent Choice

Room Spray Scent of the Month
Enjoy a special scent of the month in our fragrant room spray at a very special price!!
$ 5.95


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